About São Rafael Beach

Where the warm colours of the cliffs meet the ocean’s freshness, all guarded by its giant rock formations! Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Algarve!

São Rafael Beach is a 5-minute drive from the city of Albufeira and a 120-minute drive from Lisbon. A quiet beach, surrounded by beautiful cliffs that shield it from strong winds. It features calm and clear water and is considered by many to be one of the most stunning beaches in Algarve, if not of the whole of Portugal.
São Rafael Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Albufeira. Its sand is framed by the cliffs and the ocean, which results in a warm and quiet beach, where several imposing rock formations can be found. These are a result of the erosion caused by the ocean and the rain.
And when the transparency of the water allows it, we can make out the outline of underwater rocks. These shelter the rich marine life of this abundant underwater world, that adventurous divers can discover.
São Rafael Beach is certified as both a Blue Flag Beach and a Gold Quality Beach, due to its environmental quality and marine biodiversity.

What to do in São Rafael

You can enjoy the beautiful São Rafael Beach, where you can rent sunbeds and awnings, as well as enjoy a massage on the actual beach, with the soothing background soundtrack of the ocean waves. As you can see, we have many challenges awaiting you.

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